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Tournaments FAQ

How does it work ? 

When you enter a tournament, you get a certain starting balance in a "virtual" currency, which we've named T$ at 3Dice.  This is not real  money, it's not a deposit. You can use this money to make bets and try to beat the other players. There are different types of competitions. In the Highest balance competition for example, the objective is to get the highest endbalance.


What are the different types of tournaments ?

Highest Balance : The player with the highest balance at the end of the tournament wins.

Highest Peak Balance : The player who reached the highest balance during the tournament wins. The balance a player has when the tournament ends makes no difference. Ex : Each player starts with T$250. Player 1 plays for an hour reaches T$455 then has a losing streak and loses everything.Player 2 plays for a while and gets her balance up to T$350. When the tournament ends player 1 has T$0 and  a peak balance of T$455. Player 2 has a balance of T$350 and a peak balance of T$350. But Player 1 still wins this tournament because he got the highest peak balance before going broke.

Highest Total Stake : The player who has the highest total stake at the end wins.

Near-Win : The player who ends up in second place wins the prize ! (So the player in first place has to start losing ..)

Reverse Top 3 : Third place wins the biggest prize, then second, and only then first place. This means that the top 3 players stay closer to the other players during the tournament often resulting in very exciting tournaments.

Screenshot Hunts : In these tournaments, challenges are given out in chat. For example a certain win-combination in poker or a given number in roulette. The first player to screenshot the challenge using the software's internal screenshot feature wins a prize and the chat host will give out the next challenge.


What can I win ?

You can win real money playing tournaments.  The total prizemoney and how it is divided between the winners differs from tournament to tournament.  Use the 'Show Details' link to get all the info about a tournament and its prizemoney.


How will I be paid ?

Your prizes will be credited to your real-money casino account.  Unless stated differently in the competition description, there is a small wagering requirement on the prizemoney.  We support many different deposit/withdraw methods such as Neteller, Moneybookers, EcoCard, UseMyWallet,900Pay/eWalletXpress.


How do I enter into a tournament ?

Please see the How to play guide


Why is 3Dice doing this, whats the catch ? is a new player in the online casino market.  Instead of spending our marketing budget with big companies or wasting your time and bandwidth with spam, we prefer to give it to the players.  In return, we get you to see our product and hopefully appreciate the 3Dice alternative in an otherwise uniform market.  The tournaments also act as a testbed for new game concepts and the associated forums as a means to get in touch with you, the players, and get your valuable feedback.  We hope to meet you there soon.



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